The Wild Hotel by Interni - Mykonos
Philip & Alex Varveris - The Wild Hotel by Interni

Wild at heart

The Wild is an expression of the philosophy and eclectic taste of the Varveris family, true lovers of Mykonos island. “We wanted to preserve the emotions and the island exhales To incorporate the experience
of “our” Mykonos in a place – wild at heart, mesmerising, unspoilt, nonchalant and, at the same time, filled with culture, excitement and cosmopolitan flair. The energy of this tiny Cycladic island that artists and bon vivants, free spirits and insightful travellers, have fallen in love with for decades,” Philip Varveris explains. He and his older brother Alex are the creative forces behind the Wild curators of the hotel’s concept and design. “Along with a team of remarkable people,” they add.

The Wild Hotel by Interni - Mykonos

The storyline

Leaders in the design sector in Greece for over 30 years through Moda Bagno and Interni, founded
by their father, Nikos Varveris, and representing high-end brands as well as exclusive crafted pieces,
the two brothers learned from a young age to appreciate the value of quality, luxury and design. Travellers themselves and culinary lovers, they were also keen on embracing the value of hospitality. “Our home has always been open to friends. Guests were constantly on the agenda and in our holiday house in Mykonos
our father was usually found in the kitchen cooking for 20 or 30 people,” Alex recalls.

The Wild Hotel by Interni - Mykonos

In 1997 they introduced the renowned Interni Restaurant designed by Paola Navone, opening
a new chapter in the family business that today includes the management of The Grand by Interni on the rooftop of Grand Hyatt Athens, Twenty Two restaurant in Metropol Palace, Belgrade and Twentyone in Athens “We were always captivated by people, hotels and good taste. A hotel in Mykonos was a natural next step for us; however, it took time to find the perfect place that could turn our dream into reality,” Alex explains. “We fell in love with the spot on site and, together with our partners and architects Sofia Apergi and Matina Karava, we designed a unique destination hotel.
Our background in design combined with the talent of our architects and the craftsmanship of the construction company that developed the property (Airtec | Vasilis Karavas) resulted in this unique mélange of Mediterranean essence. The Wild is a “living entity”. We never rest. Every year we introduce new experiences and constantly add something new – from a Baxter chair to an antique piece, a kilim or a handcrafted object renewing the decoration and the overall feeling of the place. It is like a work in progress, which is never completed. Instead it evolves with us and with time” he continues